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Presidente of Don Ciccio & Figli and founder of Think Italian LLC, Francesco ‘Ciccio’ Amodeo began his journey in the hospitality industry as a young boy growing up in the small town of Furore, Italy, a quaint tight knit community home to just over 800 residents. 

With an extensive number of family members who serve as some of the town’s most celebrated chefs, winemakers, and artisanal liqueur makers, Amodeo found himself mesmerized by the hospitality industry as far back as he can remember. 

Deciding to follow in his family’s footsteps, Amodeo got his first job at the age of 14 working under the guidance of Marisa Cuomo, one of Italy’s most respected winemakers. He eventually went to work at his uncle's restaurant in Positano, Italy, where an opportunity for Amodeo to make his official debut into the beverage industry happened when his uncle pulled Francesco behind the bar to help with cocktails. 

An Amalfi Coast alchemist was born!

Finding his true calling in the hospitality industry, Francesco started to work at the town’s only resort – Furore Inn Resort Francesco went on to specialize in the industry and receive certifications for his work and expertise. In 2004, he earned his Master of Food and Beverage Management following his Certificate of Master Sommelier for the A.I.S. of Napoli, Italy. He also received his Certificate of Master Barman for the A.I.B.E.S. in Salerno, Italy in 2003. 

In search of a little adventure, Francesco decided to head to Washington D.C. in 2005, and enjoyed his stay so much that he decided to return in February 2006 to make DC his home.

Since relocating to DC, Francesco broke into the evolving hospitality scene having worked at notable establishments including Butterfield 9, Hook, Café Milano, and Bibiana Osteria Enoteca. 

In his free time, Francesco began to research and experiment with handcrafted liqueurs. With over a century of family history in the business, at the age of 29, Francesco started Don Ciccio & Figli -to make and share the signature flavors from his hometown – artisanal ‘Rosoli’ – with the world.


Jonathan Fasano was born in Denver, Colorado and graduated from Kenyon College in 2011.

In 2013, while tending to an aromatics farm in Italy, he discovered a sustained passion for cultivating and distilling aromatic plants for their essential oils.  After returning to the United States and chasing different career possibilities, Jonathan made his way to DC in 2015 where he was introduced to President and Founder, Francesco Amodeo. 

As a Fine Arts graduate and enthusiast for Italian culture, his passions landed in line with Francesco's mission at Don Ciccio & Figli.  Over the years, he has has evolved from a Production Assistant to Sales and Marketing Manager.  Today, you can find him navigating your favorite cities along the East Coast and around the Midwest sharing DCF's lineup of Craft Italian Liqueurs.





Don Ciccio's newest team member, Miguel Mejia, did not take the typical route in to

the service and hospitality industry; for the better part of a decade, Miguel has been teaching mathematics to teenagers in different parts of the United States. However, when asked by his wife to take over the 'bar program' in their household, Miguel channeled his bootlegging ancestors and went straight to work.

It was not long before he crossed paths with Don Ciccio President, Francesco, in D.C. and was thrown head first into the delicious world of amaro. Miguel's newfound love with the history and science of making great cocktails has allowed him to continue his life as a teacher in a new capacity. When he's not selling some of the world's best amari, you can always find Miguel posting concoctions on his @migsology Instagram or hanging out at his favorite watering hole, Portland's tiki-tastic Hale Pele.