don ciccio & Figli

We share the rich history of artisanal liqueur making from the Amalfi Coast to the United States through a series of time-tested recipes handed down from generation to generation. 

In 1883, my great-grandfather, Vincenzo “N’gioletto” Amodeo, first started producing our liqueurs in a small house located in Atrani, oneof the main towns of the Amalfi Coast.

After 45+ years his company was forced to close due to the economical crisis caused by the war.

Around 1951, my grandfather Francesco “Don Ciccio” Amodeo, a ‘carroziere’ by trade, brought back to life our family business.

His true passion was artisanal liqueur making,  so with the help of Giovanni Porpora, my other grandfatherm a true ‘falegname’, wood worker, they built a small distillery on the hills of Furore located in the coastal region in the south of Italy near Positano and Capri. 

After 50 years of thriving business the distillery shutdown. 

It was on November, 23 1980, when a massive earthquake struck in the Irpinia. The distillery and the lemon tress were completely destroyed by the catastrophic event. 

Don Ciccio & Figli started expanding our family tradition in 2012, in Washington, Dc, offering a glimpse of the past with a nod to the future.

We currently craft our spirits following only traditional techniques. SALUTE!